Shyti, A., The Priceless Entrepreneur? A Behavioral Account on Risk and Ambiguity Attitudes (w/ A. Sasson and C. Paraschiv), under review

Shyti, A., When Does Overconfidence Surrender? An Experiment on Ambiguity Attitudes (w/ T. Astebro), under review


Shyti, A., Entrepreneurial Intention and Decisions Under Ambiguity, under review


Shyti, A., Attitudes Toward Ambiguous Time: Experimental Evidence

Shyti, A., Equity Splits with Overconfidence: Experimental Evidence (w/ K. K. Akoz and O. Bochet)

Shyti, A., Does Feedback Influence Ambiguity Attitudes? An Experimental Study

Shyti, A., Overconfidence and Entrepreneurial Choice under Ambiguity

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Shyti, A., (2015). Does Entrepreneurial Experience Affect Risk and Ambiguity Attitudes? An Experimental Study. In John Humphreys (Ed.), Proceedings of the Seventy-fifth Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Online ISSN: 2151-6561 (w/ Paraschiv, C.)


PhD Thesis​: Entrepreneurial Decision Making under Ambiguity: Experimental Evidence on the Role of Overconfidence. 

Master Thesis: The Role of Management Accounting in Sustaining Inter-organizational Relationships.